Recent Favourites- May

Here are my recent favorites for this month!

  • My DSLR: Well this isn’t a monthly thing, its a forever damn I’m so in love   but I am on vacations and I have been using it very often.
  • Vampire Diaries- Have been binging a lot. Also I have been watching this show called Wild 24 on NatGeo which comes every night at 9. Been hooked onto it!
  • Badminton- I switched up my cardio routines for 30mins of badminton every morning, and love it.
  • Food wise, it’s been so hot lately in Mumbai that I basically live on Popsicles and cold water. And Mangoes!!
  • Music, I have been listening to a new genre including artists like Panic!At The Disco, DJ Khaled, Drake, Chance The Rapper.
  • On Youtube, I have been loving to watch Alex Wassabi’s vlogs and standup comedy by SNG along with a lot more.
  • I also have been drawing and doodling a lot, so yes one of my favourite again.
  • I love Slow Hands and Sweet Creature,Despacito,Most Girls and Attention in music.

That wraps it up. Do we have any common favourites? Let me know down in the comments below.

Keep Slaying


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19 thoughts on “Recent Favourites- May

  1. Vampire diaries! I started watching the series when one of my friend wouldn’t shut up about it. Two hot vampire brothers after one girls, the original family, friends who go to an insane level of stuff to keep each other safe! I was so hooked up. But, I must say the last two seasons was a total drag and lost interest. I continued watching just to know how they end the series.

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