How to deal with Boredom.

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Well, hi.

I’m bored

Very bored. And so have decided to write this post.

And my title, lol.

I am the last person to tell you how to deal with boredom.

But if you’re still reading then go on

I haven’t gone anywhere for vacation this year

I go abroad every year except that one year where my parents decided to travel in India.

Not like I’m complaining (lowkey am)

My grandfather suffered a major surgery and well I think that’s why we couldn’t go anywhere.

He’s totally fine now, and I’m happy

But now, I still have vacations right? AND HOLIDAY HOMEWORK WHICH I NEVER LOOK AT

So I’m bored. I began this City Adventures #1 post which may make you think what a fun and eventful day I have, at least I hope so

But the thing is, I don’t go for the adventure everyday. And today, we aren’t doing anything

My parents saw my bored face and I think I made them bored by making them look at my bored face

And now you’re getting bored too

But come on, I am doing one fun thing today. Getting Starbucks.

Lol. I am, but nothing new. I get it every time but this time it is exciting because it is gonna help me get out of this boredom blackhole.

Hmm now I’m gonna think what to order and online shop and spend all my pocket money on brands and clothes I “need”. Like I always do

If you are still reading, then hats off.

Peace out.


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