The Candour #5

The Candour #1

The Candour #2

The Candour #3

The Candour #4

That night, both Zack and Emily sat in their rooms, thinking about the day.

Emily thought to herself

I should just give this up.

I was always unknown to him

He still trembles my world 


What happened to him now


He’s going through this of his own, and I shouldn’t think so much

It was never like we were friends, we were just “acquaintances”  I guess

On the other side, Zack was getting restless, he couldn’t stay calm, after knowing he did something wrong. He was always the nice-guy type, so he decided to get up and go to Emily’s house.

Time: 2 am

Zack rode on his bicycle and zoomed to Emily’s place, he got her address from her friend.

Zack stood near her garden and called her.

“He-hey Em. I mean Emily, I want to talk”

Zack is that you? What’s up?

” I’m near your garden, can you meet me?”

Sure,I’ll have to be very quiet so my parents don’t notice.


“Get it together Zack, speak!!”

Uh- hey. Whatever it is, make it quick.

“Woah calm down there”

I’m calm, and if you’re here to tell me that, you can leave.

“No no, ugh , I’m sorry. Look I know I was acting very mean today, I’m stupid. Forgive me?”

Oh, so you knew. Well, you’re not stupid and I forgive you.

“Thank freaking God, do you know how stressed I was”

Oh please! I saw in school. You can do well in the school play.

“Whatevs” {smirking}

You’re cute.

“Sorry what?”

Oh nothing, let it go.

“Damn it, this was so clichè, the midnight coming-to-girl’s-house thing.

It was, but at least we’re clear now. I should really go now. Bye!

“Ah yes, me too. Bye”

Zack got home and lay in his bed,

He thought

Well that was easy.

She forgave me now.

We start fresh. New. And I’m never gonna break her heart again.

Phew Thank God they’re good now. I didn’t want them to be upset anymore!

But wait, Emily still doesn’t know who the girl was.Well, maybe even she decided to start fresh.

Will you think they can do with this “start over”thing or they’re gonna have a lot of problems?

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