The Candour #6

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The Candour #2

The Candour #1

The next day, Zack and Emily woke up happier than before. They felt at ease and were looking forward to their day.


A new day.

We are on good terms now. I hope he doesn’t switch very soon.

But, when will he realize I like him.

How long should this take.

I’m no longer Unknown, instead we are friends now.

Should I just spit it out?

But what if it affects our friendship.


Thank god, everything got sorted out.

Its a fresh start now. We’re friends, right?

But she doesn’t know it yet. Should i tell her?

No way. She’s so weird that she’ll probably get mad over it.

Trying to sort out everything after what happened was such a tedious task.

But she should know the truth, shouldn’t she? I have even decided not to break her heart again.

Damn! What should i do?

Maybe i should wait for the right time. I hope she doesn’t overreact.

I don’t want to loose her friendship.Thank god, everything got sorted out.

They both met in the hallway before going to class. Zack waved at Emily and flashed her a smile, which she died for . 

They both  began to talk, very awkwardly at first. But then they went to their usual playful way of talking. Emily noticed that Zack seemed a bit off though. She tried asking him, but he just wouldn’t tell her.

He kept on changing the topic and asking her random and useless questions, like “How old is your cat?” or “Do you eat Pizza?”

“I have a dog! and yes of course I eat Pizza, ugh!”  Emily decided to leave it, as he was getting uncomfortable.

Zack started to text somebody, very quickly and then his phone rang.

” Listen to me. Its not what it looks like, wait. Meet me after school”

Emily waited.

“I am sorry. Please, we need to talk”

I’m gonna go Zack, take care.

Bye Em.

Okay, so again who is this person he’s talking to? Well for that, I guess keep waiting for my next parts.

Shubham  has joined in with me on writing these series, he will write whenever I need help with POV’S and storylines.

Thanks to him for writing such an awesome POV for Zack!

Thanks for reading



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