What is Beauty?

Beauty in today’s world has lost its charm. Girls and women are no more considered beautiful for their nature and liveliness instead they’re considered beautiful with a ton of makeup that covers up all the imperfections.

 Heavy Contouring.

Blinding Highlight.

Perfect Brows.

Fuller Lips.

Toned Body.

They are the standard of beauty nowadays. People try everything to achieve the above and in the process lose all their natural flaws.

Makeup is something I love too, but I don’t ever go into putting so much on that every flaw of mine is hidden. The flaws I have make me “me” and that is how the world should see it.

People always tell me about how they love my smile, not because of the perfect set of teeth or the perfect angle I smile in. But because of how genuine it is. And I’m proud of that.

I wear glasses, so people generally tell me about things and tips I should do to make my eyesight better, only a few would notice my eye colour. My eye colour is like a hazel to dark brown, which looks amazing in sunlight to me. Then people love my hair, even the fragrance of it (LOL).

These little things assured me that I’m beautiful without being fake and that my flaws cannot bring me down instead are part of me which make me unique.

Makeup cannot make you pretty, your nature and personality can. The way you treat people can, the way your respect them and have compassion can.

Nothing else can in my opinion.

Even for guys nowadays, I think even they are considered good looking if they have a strong jawline, perfect hair and a dashing personality. Plus being rich tops it off

But not every guy has that, some of them are shy and introverted. But even they have this hidden funny and fun side which is awesome when discovered.

I prefer them more honestly, at least they’re not so full of themselves. I also find guys with a genuine sense of humour really attractive more than even their looks.

The standards of beauty has changed, that is what I’m trying to say.

Nobody can look perfect and nobody does. Let us all stop judging them and find the inner beauty within everyone. And ourselves.

Inner beauty is strength. True strength.

Just my thoughts on the changing standards of beauty in today’s world.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Let me know your thoughts on beauty standards in today’s world in the comments.



20 thoughts on “What is Beauty?

  1. Oh my goodness, love this post so much! I’m happy to say I’ve been developing into a flawsome person myself lately, and I’m so happy that I am hehe. All you said was too true xx

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  2. To me flaw I think bring out the real beauty…like a girl at my office I had to scold her because she had dropped her high power glass and using lenses to look beautiful; the reason for scold is her nagging complain of headache…why is this guise needed…in case of guys the money factor is cent percent truth and other factor introvert, shy and all are truth you had captured…

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