I asked my friends about me.


I am quite proud to say that I made almost really good friends via this blog.

They all are absolutely amazing people.

I asked a few of them to tell me 3-4 lines about me as a friend, who they met online and about how they like my blog. Here is what they have to say.

My blog completes 9months on 25th May, so that was also one reason I asked them this.

Sanjita Says:


Benjamin says:


Anika says:


Mila says


Diganta says:

IMG_20170518_123543_993Ashutosh says:

Kasturee says:

The above people are some of my really close blogger friends, and I am really thankful for them because if it wasn’t for this blog, I would have never met so many amazing people in my own city, country and around the world.

I almost got really emotional when I started to get their messages because it just felt amazing and those were the sweetest things they could have ever said about me. The reason I got so emotional is that I’ve never met anyone of them except Sanjita because we are real life friends as well. But virtually, each of us became really close friends and I never imagined they would say all of that.

Also, as you can see I’m a great friend 😛

So if you ever wanna talk to me, drop me an email in the contact form and I’ll be glad to meet you.





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