What are we fighting for?

We all lead our own lives, our own individual lives. We often forget to appreciate things and people.

But what is that thing which has seized each one of us? Success?Money?Fame?

What is that thing we’re fighting for all the time?

Well you know, I don’t the answer to that. And nobody does either. We may always seem like we’re very sorted but in reality nobody is. And one day it all can go down.

People always tell me not to have such a fixed aspiration for my career and some envy how sorted I am. I want to finish 12th grade in India and then leave for Animation or Graphics University abroad.

That is what I have told everybody. But the truth is, I am not sorted. My mind is confused. I’m at this point of life where choosing what I want to do in the future is crucial. I get confused and irritated when I can’t come to a final answer on what I want to do.

I’m thankful that my parents are open with anything I want to do. Until I make use of this life I’ve been given and be a nice person,they’re happy.

It is all going down, I don’t know which path to choose. I forget what I’m fighting for, but did I ever really know what it was in the first place?

Even you may be at this point, not knowing the point of what you’re doing. But let me tell you this, have Perseverance and don’t give up easily.

You are at this point of life for a reason, the past must have been tough and not what you wanted but stand high and look towards the future.

For it will mark your destiny for eternity.

Hey!I hope you liked reading this. Inspiration strikes anytime and did for me today.

I really was asking myself “What’s the point of this” but sooner or later I’m sure to find the answer.

Do things that make you happy and make you feel good. Your fight isn’t over yet.

Thanks for reading



16 thoughts on “What are we fighting for?

  1. Most of them are just Fighting without any Aim, They fight coz everyone around is Fighting…
    Fight for Satisfaction!
    You get Satisfaction when You do things, you really like… You put your Real Efforts… 😀
    Nice Post btw 😀😉

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  2. If you talk in terms of competition, then I would say the reason for fighting is to come first, everyone wants to rank first. So, right from childhood there is no way anyone can get to see the beauty of the whole universe and why we are leading a life in it but we are pushed into the competition. It’s like “life is a race” (Virus’s speech in 3 Idiots).
    Next, you want to go abroad for hoger studies, so umm .. great … But I will have just one request – be a human and return something to your motherland, she deserves the care that she gave you while you were growing, do anything, but something for your homeland….
    -Best wishes, hope you can have your dreams come true
    Swadesh, your homeland

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    1. Thank you very much. Higher studies abroad is a personal choice, which does not mean I will forget or not do anything for my country. It is because of my country that I would be able to even go abroad.

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