Things I’ve never liked.


I’ve realized that I always blog and write on things and topics I like or would want to spread awareness on but I’ve never told you all what I dislike.

This list will vary from the smallest little thing to something more serious. So bring out the popcorn!


  1. I hate fish and any other meat except chicken and egg.
  2. I love music, but hate to dance.
  3. I hate to begin conversations in real life.
  4. I really cannot stand fake people.
  5. I can’t talk to somebody who fakes an accent either πŸ˜‚
  6. I can’t be formal at most times. Like I think I’m the most casual person while talking and texting😁.
  7. I hate lies and back stabbers.
  8. I hate when people are not loyal. Partly because I am extremely loyal to a person, and if I don’t get it back it annoys me.

Now these three are the top things that people dislike about me.

  1. When I click pictures before we eat and don’t let them touch the food.
  2. When I be extremely straightforward and sound rude (( though I rarely mean it, I know nobody likes it))
  3. When I laugh and find humor in serious situations ((can’t help it))

So yeah! That was it.

Just a different post, taking a break from the inspirational content.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

What is something you dislike or people dislike about you? Comment down below



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