My blog turns 9months old today!

Jackie Chan - What is this... I don't even...

I really don’t know where to begin. I mean 9months back I started this blog just for fun,with no freaking idea of meeting so many wonderful people.

I thought, let me give it a try, zyaada se zyaada kya hoga? (What can even happen in the worst situation) And I was like let me start with photography.

I posted my very first blog post – My first Picture and got good results. At that time they were just friends and family.

Pretty quickly I gained 50 followers and then 100 now I’m at about 340 followers.

My blog quickly changed to a platform where I posted stories, opinions and my random thoughts.

My photographs quality changed, I wrote better content, and also never got bored of this.

I also began to get so many awards and tags that it was overwhelming at one point.

I have now posted over 150 posts, like what!?

Along this beautiful journey I met people from around the world who I never even thought I could. I am not that extroverted in real life, so making new friends takes very long. But online, I found a new side of me, who wants to meet and talk to new people.

Here are the amazing people I became really good friends with.

Sanjita * {She is my real life friend, like an older sister to me)–Mumbai

Natasha*- she was my first real blogging friend!–Australia

Anika*- my third real blogging friend, and we learn about our cultures very often together.–Denmark

Ashutosh *- my fourth blogging friend, we began talking quite a few months back because of all the similarities we had including the love for pets/Marvel and more.–Mumbai

Victor *- my fifth blogging friend, who is so talented!—Malawi

Benjamin *- my seventh blogging friend, we became friends after a collab we wrote together. He is super talented and nice!–USA

Mila *- my sixth blogging friend ! She is a really sweet person to talk to–Banglore.





Jai *- eighth blogger I became friends with, by a collab we wrote.–Hyderabad.

Liz C *- she was my second blogging friend and a really inspiring person.–Phillipines

Benjamin Ngaim* Another inspiring and talented person I met, who enjoys Bollywood as well–Singapore



Diganta*- A recent friend I made, we have our similarities and differences but I’ve to admit we have had quite a lot of really funny conversations which I can still laugh a lot on๐Ÿ˜‚. ((dank level video))–Odisha

Shubham- Again we became friends via a collab.–Mumbai.

Kasturee*-A great person I’ve met. –Assam

The * indicates people who I began speaking to other than on WP, like email and also Snapchat(some of us have lit streaks too๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜)). Also huge thanks to all my school friends  for reading and giving me tips.
They are all so very talented. And I really hope to meet you all one day or another. It’s on my bucket list!

I am continuing to meet new and amazing people and I hope this list will go on to increase!

Thank you for becoming friends/reading and supporting my blog.

You all really mean a lot.

{ P.S- Happy Birthday to Ashutosh aka The Honest Fabler.Stay awesome}




28 thoughts on “9Months.

  1. Congratulations Ri! *Realization* Your blog is older than mine๐Ÿ˜‚ hope it stays forever young๐Ÿค˜โค๏ธ
    And thank you, also I’m sorry for not being able to keep up with your lovely posts… *Shrugs* Exams *goes back to studying Green Chemistry*

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