Ascending Through The Mess #6

Ascending Through The Mess #1

Ascending Through The Mess #2

Ascending Through The Mess #3

Ascending Through The Mess #4

Ascending Through The Mess #5

Hi! Well, it’s Sia. You’ve read a lot about me now. All about my past, how terrible it was. But now its time to tell you about the present, and who I am as a person now.

Beginning with the mainstream things, I’ve got a job in a company I always wanted to work for. Its a media and arts company and I have found myself a dream job. You must wonder, what about all the bullies and friends?

Bullies, I have no idea because everyone has moved on with life. I’m sure they must look back and feel horrible. My friends, well they all parted ways with me after high school. Except Alina, she stayed for me.

I’m currently writing this in a coffee shop, looking outside. Things seem so good now for me. I’m no longer a sad and lonely person. I’m confident with who I am and have accepted my uniqueness. I love my quirks now.

I found amazing people over these years. University blessed me with some great people. Guys? Ah no shot at them. Well, waiting for the right time and right guy to come.

The bells jingled and my raven haired friend walked in dazzling me with her smile.My best friend was here. We are going to catch up on things now.

Thanks for being part of this journey.

Heyyy!! So this was it! Last part of ATTM, my collab series with Sanjita. We hoped to help people with this, inspiring and motivating them. We covered various aspects like body shaming/fitting in/Bullying/anxiety and more. If you’re going through anything, it’ll be alright soon. There always is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for reading!



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