Much Fake?

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People today have become more aware of things than ever before, the Internet brings it all to us, we can learn anything and everything online.

Internet also allows us to meet people, genuine and fake alike. People like you and I blog, we write what we like. Inspiration/Poem/Stories whatever it may be, but are you sure this all isn’t fake?

I write Inspirational content, pretty much every week at least one such post comes out. People often ask me, “How do you write all this, where does the inspiration come from?” while others ask me “Do you even use all this you write in your own life?”

Well to answer them, my inspiration comes from my own life. It may sound selfish, but after all nobody else really knows what happens in my life better than me. A lot of situations are thrown at me, I often never know how to deal with them. On the journey of making things right, I get ideas. Ideas and thoughts which could make me push forward, which could make things right. And I just write them all here.

Using them in my life, of course I do. 80% of the time, whatever inspirational content I’ve written has been true and something I use in my life. But the rest 20% always has to be there, so I learn from my mistakes.

Fake people are everywhere, people write so much good and spread positivity , but in reality they maybe the most mean and sad person ever. What I mean to say is that whatever you write and put out for people to read should be true.

Don’t just write good stuff so people think what an amazing person you are. Write the truth, we all never going to be perfect. Everyone has ups and downs, people often forget to highlight their downs.

Those same downs bring 100 more ups in your life if you make through it correctly.

There is some #MondayMotivation for this week, talking about fake people who write online and my answers to questions people ask me.

Being fake isn’t cool, its probably the most uncool thing you could do. Let your own personality shine through your writing and people should see the true you.

Thanks for reading

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20 thoughts on “Much Fake?

  1. Its the real fact, you are talking about. People often talk about the ideal conditions despite knowing that idea conditions are never possible in practice. Just try to satisfy those conditions.

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  2. True. Our character is going to define who we are. People do ask me the same. And I always say, “My inspiration comes from people who changed the world and who are also. And some of them come from my nightmares (I often encounter). Whatever I write, is the product of my own soul.” And they are like, damn Shubham!!! No big deal.
    Keep facing problems because they teach you better than others. Eat healthy and live well.

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