Blue Sky Tag pt.5

Blue Sky Tag pt.1

The Blue Sky Tag pt.2

Blue Sky Tag pt.3

Blue Sky Tag pt.4

Thanks again to Mila for nominating me for another round of Blue Sky Tag.


  1. Give 11 questions
  2. tag 11 people
  3. answer 11 questions.

1.How are you today?

ANS: Pretty Good.

2.Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

ANS: In exactly 3 years, I will be moving abroad to continue further studies. So that is where I should be.

3.Your favorite snack?


4.Your favorite dessert?

ANS: Ayy, you can’t ask a foodie to name just one. Brownies/Cookies/Cakes/Ice creams/Indian Desserts.

5.What did you learn today?

ANS: Nothing yet lol.

6.What hobby do you regret stopping?

ANS: I haven’t stopped any.

7.Where do you want to spend  your next holiday?

ANS: Australia or Israel. We might go to either one.

8.What uplifts your mood instantly?

ANS: Sharing memes with friends and having insane conversations.

9.Would you rather be able to read thoughts or to see through walls?

ANS: Read thoughts

10.What is the last song you heard?

ANS: I’m the One by DJ Khaled, its been on repeat forever.

11.Is there anything, you would love to do, but just didn’t get around trying it yet?

ANS: Learn photography professionally.


Phew these past weeks have been raining awards and tags lol. Honestly THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.






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