Just a small heads up..

Hey guys!

I wanted to talk to you’ll about some things might happen soon.

Nothing very serious!

But, my school starts next week which mean I’m officially done with vacations. This summer I posted a lot of content and was able to meet new people and just have a lot of time dedicated to this blog.

The first few weeks of school won’t be as hectic but eventually I know it will because I’m in 10th grade now. I don’t really know how my posts will go about, maybe I’ll schedule them and then nothing changes as I am posting everyday.

Though I think replying to comments and reading your blogs might take me a while to catch up on. I’m still thinking on how to work this out because I don’t want to become irregular with posting.

The last thing is that by the end of this year or maybe next year Jan, I”ll be on a at least month long break from blogging as I have my board exams in Feb 2018. Its a long heads up, but I’ll surely write something about it when its near!!

That’s it!




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