The summer withered away as the grey thunderstorms arrived The dark sky bought the rains everyone awaited. The smell of earth in the atmosphere, and the sound of rain brings a sort of peace like no other. The heat faded away and the cool weather took its place. Let us all appreciate the beauty monsoon […]

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The Unique Blogger Award.

Hey guys Firstly, I’d like to apologize for how less I’ve posted this week, I haven’t been keeping well + my laptop was getting repaired so I couldn’t post frequently. Secondly, I am hosting a word prompt challenge on my blog, if you want to take part please click this link : FIVE SENTENCE STORY PROMPT […]

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My life seems incomplete Seems void and dull I’m in this unending wheel of stress,anxiety and all things wrong. Via daily prompt:Wheel.

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Searching: The Perfect One.

Love, love, love. They all talk about it, some with such pride and some with sheer hatred. But what is this love? Am I missing out on something amazing? I’m Allisa , your mainstream 20 y/o looking for love. But all these years, I’ve just been looking, looking everywhere. I’m never able to find that […]

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Time, is something we never can get enough of. We struggle with time all our lives. We live regretful lives, in hope we did right things back in the time. But can we really do anything of what happened? Actually we can, not by going back in time and making things right like we’ve seen […]

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The Cringe.

“For God’s sake! You’re a girl! What is the use anyway.” said her family as she spoke about her career. ” So what? Does being a girl mean I cannot have my own career? Everything doesn’t come down to marriage” ” Do not argue. Go back to your room right now” And with that she […]

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Small Updates.

Hey Guys! So I have 2 small updates for you’ll today. Firstly, I would want to talk about the Five Sentence Story Prompt Challenge which will be hosted on my blog for this coming week. The challenge began last week, on Diganta Misra’s blog. Click here to vote for the participants who took part in […]

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Another shot at Liebster (Kinda)

Hey! So technically I haven’t been nominated for this but my friend Shubham who I had nominated told me I was free to answer the questions given by him. I was to do this long back because I found his questions interesting and thought about answering them! I also am running short on ideas for posts, […]

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