5 Things To Know Before Learning A Guitar.

Hey Guys!

I’ve been playing the acoustic guitar for a little over 2 years now and am fairly decent at it. I faced a lot of challenges over the time. I feel these are a few things everyone should know before learning the guitar.

  1. Pain. It is going to hurt a lot. This isn’t going to go away anytime. Even now I get wrist pain all the time because as I progress to difficult chords the pain intensity rises. I am right handed so that means my left hand does all the chords, at times I’m not even able to feel my left hand.
  2. Cuts. You’ll get a ton of these. Some by accident and some while playing. The tips of our finger press the strings so the skin over there tears and new harder skin grows. I had terrible experience with this, as my hand used to constantly burn because there was the skin saying goodbye to me. But over time new skin came and the tips of my fingers are now rougher compared to the rest of my hand.
  3. It won’t be pain in only one hand. As time passed I got used to having my left hand being sore most of the days. But I was wrong when I tried finger style. In finger style we don’t use a pick but instead use our right hand to pick the strings while left hand holds the chords. Now this hurts. I tried finger style just yesterday and my right hand aches a lot along with some skin already tearing off.
  4. Even though finger style hurts  so much, it its the most beautiful one. I’m currently doing Summer Of 69 on finger style and I love the sound of it. As you keep on playing and hearing the beauty in the sound, you’ll forget about the pain.
  5. You won’t be able to sing and play at the first go. This was near impossible for me in the start. But now I can easily sing and play. It just takes patience/time and practice. The more you play,the better you get.

I hope you could get an inside at how playing a guitar is. 

It is by far one of the most beautiful instruments and once you get a hang of it you’ll never want to stop. Guitar is not easy, but nor is it something impossible to learn.

Give it a shot and you’ll love it. But be ready for the pain it brings.

Next year, I hope to progress into electric guitar or Bass along with drums. Let me know if anyone plays these and about the problems these come with!

Thanks for reading



17 thoughts on “5 Things To Know Before Learning A Guitar.

  1. I been learning to play the guitar for about a year now and I can definitely relate to what you say! And you’re soo right about fingerstyle! The beauty of the music is really worth the pain! It was nice to read your post and encouraging too!

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  2. The fingers hurt at the very beginning, but I’m finding I really look forward to that! I’d been playing for a long while, when I realised that working against my natural instincts is NOT going to work, no matter how much I practise. (I’m left handed, and I began playing right handed, because I didn’t know much, being a kid back then, and I figured, after arguing with the folks at home for nearly a year, I’d won myself a guitar; returning it and seeking a left handed one didn’t exactly brighten my prospects.) So I restrung a few years ago and began teaching myself all over again. With the past experience behind me, I so looked forward to tearing my fingers out again! 😛 For one, it works very well to disgust people you’d want to disgust, and in the musician community, it’s a thing to be proud of! 🙂

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  3. Hi Rita, great blog,I started learning last November,I’m learning through justin guitar.com,I agree about the sore fingers,mine have now got calluses on them,I’ve learned 9 chords now I am the stage where I have to change between them fast.I started off on acoustic but find learning on an electric much easier.

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  4. Great info! I just started about a week ago. Fingertip pain and my left hands unwillingness to cooperate has been a huge issue! I’m actually doing a week to week update on my blog as I continue on with learning. Just finished my first post on it but it’s more geared towards the difficulty in learning new things as we get older. Any additional playing tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!!
    Currently using AndyGuitar on YouTube. If anyone knows of any better please let me know! I like his pace of 1-2 cords and an easy melody. Even though I can’t quite get to the melody yet😂😂

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