Here is a post dedicated to my “true”friends. There are 5 of you, I am not going to name because you already know it!

You’ll better read this till the end and text me your reaction lol.

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Over the years, I thought I’d never find true friends.

Thought I’d be alone


Then people like you came along.

People who accept me as I am with all my flaws

People who find me “cute” in everything

People who think I’m funny


I can’t  forget the insults you’ll give me at my face

Even texts don’t stop you’ll from insulting me

“Babyface” is your favourite thing to call me

And tell me I look 12. Oh wait last I heard from you’ll was 5.

You’ll are rarely nice to me, but if you suddenly switch I won’t be able to take it!

Stay as you are.

Supporting me with everything, insulting me on the way.(and people who I hate)

Listening to all my stories and giving me advice and making me smile when I’m down.

Thank you “true”friends. I love your insults and every mean nice thing you have said to me.

Image result for true friends

I hope you’ll are not crying right now XD

Thanks to you for reading this!



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