Trust: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

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Trust, is something we’ve all gained or lost. It is a feeling, an emotion which captivates our souls.

It seizes our minds and we often drift apart. But we never really know how little or how much trust should we give.

Over the years, I have lost trust over many people. I was always someone who trusted too easily and got attached quickly. But as I grew into my teenage years, those people changed and I lost all my trust in them.

Teenage years bought a lot of problems along, but trust was something I faced difficulty with and I still do. I was always the person people would come and talk to, give all their sorrows and I listened but got nothing in return. Back stabbing? Not something I thought they would do.

They made me lose trust for the very first time. And eventually more people came in my life who I stopped trusting with my words. As I started to lose trust, I became cold.

I stopped to care about people and now would talk back at their face if something went wrong. This kind of helped in some situations but never could they gain my trust back.

I believe loyalty and honesty to be my top features. I give my trust easily even today but once its lost, I never give it again.

I realized trust is something we never can really decide on, the tables can turn anytime. In my life currently, there a few people I could trust with all my heart. The rest, I trust them but not just enough.

Those few people are those who I’ve known for years and few just from some weeks and they come to know I’m off with just my texting and pester me to tell them my problems. These kind of people make me feel better instantly. And they have my whole trust.

I hope I never lose trust in them. Trust plays its game with everyone, we all are working our ways with it.

I hope one day we realize how much or how little trust can make things right.

There’s #MondayMotivation for this week. I talk about Trust and how important it is.


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15 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. I relate 100%. There wasn’t a single line where I wasn’t screaming “EXACTLY!!” in my head. I talk to a person once and I comfortably spill everything. I lack a filter and God is it annoying sometimes. I wish I had control!

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  2. Great post – I agree with trust once it is broken you can’t retain it. There are people who I have forgiven who have broken my trust, but because I have forgiven doesn’t mean I have forgotten and although I may be civil with people, our relationship will never be the same.

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  3. Isn’t it amazing how we expect people to hold the same values and morals as us? It always surprises me when they don’t because I like to believe in the best in people. Hopefully you have a core group of people you can rely on – including yourself!

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  4. Yes lots of times we are faced with people who don’t understand the sanctity of trust, and break their everlasting bond with it. Although to those who respect it come great reward and great relationships.
    Thnx for the great post!

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