I started school yesterday and well its not been going that bad.

10th Grade after all, I have to make most of it.

Friends? I’ve the best of the lot. They are not going to go anywhere.

Teachers? Well they’re always in bad moods.

Studies? Going good too but I have to study much more than I did last year.

Stress? Totally, but in control. Everyone has something to say to a 10th Grader.

I am trying to make most of this year, taking all the emotions I get may it be happiness,anger,sorrow whatever.

I won’t see those people ever again, I might not like my batch very much just because of how insensitive some are but I mean I will miss them and I’ll miss school.

So, going good.

I have been scheduling posts so I am not falling back on posting either.

How was your 10th grade? Or are you too going to 10th grade ? Comment down below!





11 thoughts on “School.

  1. I just winged my way through every class so I don’t really think you should have a set agenda or anything or for that matter be stressed… I have one advice though, IF THERE ARE ANY SCHOOL TRIPS OR EXCURSIONS, PLEEEEAASSEEE don’t miss them.

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  2. 10th grade? WOW! I did not know you were such young. Happy to see such young people flourishing. Talking about 10th, well it taught be to go beyond limits and helped me to identify my talents. Never had I ever known, I would be able to ever reach 94 percentile but I did. Well it’s not that you just need to study, I think you should enjoy this year to the fullest you can because hereafter you will have to face a heck lot of competitive exams. All the best! 🙂

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  3. 10th will be fun! (Technically, I end up saying that about every year.) I don’t know how much this helps, but in 10th, I’d keep feeling like I was so much busier than I’d been in 9th, but when 11th came around, you have no idea how much I missed the time I had in 10th! But whichever year it may be, I guess you’ll always make time for fun, some way or the other! …My year’s barely begun, I’m already missing 11th!

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