Stepping foot on this place called “Earth” my being shivered with the vast amount of things. Why did I have to come to this Alien land, couldn’t those judges choose a better place. So much travel and so much time wasted to see this place, how great could this actually be?

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Blue water moving swiftly all around, I outstretch my arms and feel the calm. Such calm never felt before, water so different than mine.

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As I lift my head and look upwards, ombre skies stretched and clouds set all around. It looked like an unfinished canvas. Dusk, they called it. Orange and Pink skies with the sun setting made me feel like I’m in heaven.

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I felt a swift wind blow across my face, giving me a sense of joy. Wind, something less common where I was from. It was just my second time experiencing this and I could feel all my senses set ablaze.

That moment, I realized how divine this place was and how lucky the people living here are.

Send me back there, Judges! You did choose a really great place for us to see.Let’s all go back!

Written in response to Fortnight Friday Fables.

Word count: 192 words excluding outro.

Thank you for reading

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