Turn back time.

I want to turn back time.

To when I was a child.

Not surmised to behave a certain way, look a certain way

To when conversations with friends were innocent and typical

Not like today

Where boys and looks come first, even before saying Hi!

To when doing nothing in summer vacations were okay and nobody would judge me

Eating aamras and kulfi by Maa wasn’t mainstream

But today, aamras and kulfi are more eaten to show everyone on social media.

I wish I could turn back time 


Will I be able to adjust to that life after being to accustomed to my current one?

I would never know.

Time in my childhood was very simple and nothing was complicated. Being a 15 year old, until I was 10 technology was very easy and less developed but recently this sudden boost has bought so many advantages and disadvantages as well.

I would love to go back to that time but I ask myself whether I could do with so less technology either.





2 thoughts on “Turn back time.

  1. You’d be surprised. Humans are naturally built to adapt 🙂

    True they were simpler times but if given a choice, I wouldn’t turn it back! I love the convenience of things.

    I love the opportunities presented to us because of modern technology. I love how I’m able to meet different types and many awesome people that I wouldn’t have other wise never have known if it’s not for modern tech!

    It’s true there are the negative perks but when we are able to moderate our use of them, as with everything else in life (such as nutrition!), we’d be reaping the full benefits off it!

    I love the older days when kids would go out to play with others etc as well but in my recent experience of babysitting for my neighbor, when you put children together without the iPads etc, give them some board games or Jenga, they’d play like before XD

    I just sat aside, keeping an eye on them while chatting with friends via text.

    The kids were playing and teasing each other, it was refreshing to watch as it reminded me of my younger self when we’d annoy each other just for fun hahah. The little brother wanted to drool on his elder sister and they started running around XD

    When they got tired of playing, I just turned on cartoons via streaming on the PS4 browser (thank you online cartoon catalogues!) and let them choose a show.
    Afterwards, they all laid down belly first on bed, legs back up swinging while resting their heads on their palms, enjoying the show lol.

    I am sad to have “missed out” on specific golden age of things (like rise of rock n roll, Beatlemania and even the classy big band jazz era with likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin etc) but I definitely am glad to be living in this day and age 🙂

    Plus, all the video games we have on consoles and mobile phones are just too epic hah! Let’s not forget special effects in the movies!

    Who knows what the future holds for us eh? Excited to find out? I know I am 🙂

    Your pal,

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