Goodbye AestheticallyPerfect.


I’ve got some bad news to share.

My second blog AestheticallyPerfect is going to be removed tomorrow.

I began this blog in March, a few days before my birthday as a hobby. But I soon realized as it is a blog specifically to one criteria, I am limited to post content which made me post very irregularly.

As on this blog, I can post everyday because its almost like a writing/lifestyle/photography and my life as a whole on a blog. But it wasn’t the case on that blog.

I also found very less response from our blogging community and I wont doubt that because the criteria of people I cater to is somewhat like this

  • Out of Male and Females it is bought down to mainly Females.
  • Among females, those who like makeup/skincare and those who don’t.
  • Those who like it, whether they are beginners or experts.

The blog was mostly for beginners which limits the number of people actually interested to read it.

Makeup and Skincare is something I love and so I thought blogging about it would be a nice idea, but as for now I can’t keep up with it.

Maybe in the future I’ll bring myself to start another blog,let’s see!

Thank you!




7 thoughts on “Goodbye AestheticallyPerfect.

    1. It is not important, but in my case, the audience I catered to was very less. A diverse blog attracts people slowly. Even a niche like makeup and skincare could work for me, if i get to posting regularly. I used to post very less and therefore got lesser audiences. Even a small niche can work, if you keep at it and be engaged in the blogging community.

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