Different is okay.

We all are different from one another, nobody is same. But there are few of us who are a little more different,or maybe weird.

Weird is not always bad, I’ve spoken many times about this on my blog previously :


Divergent 2.0

The word weird is quite a broad term, used in some places suggesting something spooky as well. But I want to talk about it as someone being different.

I’m weird. And I say it out loud proudly because at least I’m not normal. I have weird traits that some find amusing while others might get annoyed. One of it being how quiet and how loud I can be. If it is the first time I’ve met somebody I am really quiet and a person who knows me well gets annoyed because they have seen the side of me who talks a lot and wants me to end the awkward silence.

Some people also tell me about how I can start conversation easily, because I can always talk about a range of topics and when I’m all quiet, it just makes things awkward. But I can’t really help this thing of mine, I’m both Introverted and Extroverted so this is a problem I always face.

That’s just one weird thing about me, there are so many more. My point is that there are people around who are a little more different and have different likes and dislikes compared to the regular person.

These people are those who actually make life colourful because they’re always there with their quirks.

If we bully and out cast these people, not only are we making our life boring but also making them feel they’re not needed.

We all need to discover our weird side, embrace it and let the world know. It is something to be proud about.

This week’s #MondayMotivation where I talk about being different and why it is okay.

Embrace your quirks.

Thanks for reading



20 thoughts on “Different is okay.

  1. I completely agree on this thought. Being different than others does not mean that we do not belong to this world or we have a kinda mental issue. In fact everyone in this world is different in their own way and we must respect and accept it.

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  2. I can relate to this…. I’m really weird and have frequent mood swings. Once I’m very social and talkative, but the next moment, I can be really talkative. People kinda think I’m a psychopath because of these. When I start talking, people sometimes get really strange. Just because my choice of bands, music, lyricists a little different. So I try not to talk. Riya, your expressed really well and I support you. We should embrace ourselves. No matter how weird.

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  3. Though what is normal? Every person on this planet has some kind of quirk that to someone else is weird. I say people that are “normal” or try to act loke it are actually weird because they are either not true to themselves or lack personality….. unless you’re a serial killer or something… that’s a completely different story.

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