Special Shoutout.

Hey Guys,

So I have a special shoutout for something exciting coming up.

I recently made another really good blogger friend online during my summer break and he’s come up with a great idea.

Diganta here on WP, has thought of starting something like weekly prompts once he gains 400-500 followers and has a stable base.

He should reach that follower count pretty soon according to me, so I don’t think this initiative will take very long to begin

1.The initiative is to start hosting a weekly prompt.
2.A team of 4 shall be set up who shall host the prompt
3.Each admin shall be allowed to host the prompt for one week of a month allowing every admin equal opportunity to hold the prompt once every month.
4.The admin hosting the prompt shall decide the genre of the entries
5.Winner of the prompt shall be based on voting and will receive a chance to write a guest post on the admin’s page as well as a badge
6.The prompt hosted shall only allow entries to be within five sentences at max and shall contain as many words or be in any format – flash fiction, poems, scribbles, etc
7.The prompt is based on the idea of promoting the likes of new writers and presenting their work to a larger audience.


I already have asked to be part of the admin team because I think hosting something like this will be really fun. It will not only gain exposure to new writers but also will be something fun for readers to read.

Do click the link above to read his full post and comment on the post if you’re interested as well.

All the best to you,Diganta!

Thank you for reading



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