Recent Favourites : June

Recent Favourites- May

My recent favourites-April

Here are my recent favourites this month.

  1. Music- Attention by Charlie Puth has been on my mind since a long time, I absolutely love the song. Also, 2U by David Guetta & Justin Bieber is one song I really love.
  2. Food- I have eaten a lot of Pasta this month,so I guess that goes in here.
  3. I have been loving to play FingerStyle on my Guitar, even though it hurts like a dream, see what i did there?
  4. I love these posts from this page called HaramiPun on Facebook, they have some of the best puns I’ve come across which make me laugh very much!
  5. I watched a lot Ricegum/Jake Paul/ Alex Wassabi on Youtube this time.
  6. I also saw a lot of stand up comedy videos from a new comedian I found this month, Abijit Ganguly. Also saw a lot of Ashish Chanchlani who is famous for his relateable Vines.
  7. I absolutely loved this poem by Aranya Johar which will arise the feminist in you. Would suggest everyone to see it!

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading



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