Stop the Body Shame.

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Women, one of the best gifts God gave us. In form of our Mothers,Sisters,Friends, Soul mates and many more.

But from the dawn of time, women have always been treated or considered lesser than the Man. Maybe not as much as today, because of how educated people have become they have realized that women can do everything a man can and might even do it better.

Even though we all know this, still we face issues like body shaming/inequality/rape and more. Body Shaming begins in a very early age, let me talk about something which i recently experienced.

I have a really good friend who recently got body shamed. She might not look “perfect” and might be a bit a little more curvy than the rest of us, but that does not make her lesser than us or even ugly as a matter of fact.

The boys who body shamed her seemed to have no idea how much their words can affect a person. Body shaming is not okay, and can cause so many more problems. If you are one of that guy who has body shamed girls then know this, nobody is perfect and you have 0 rights to body shame anybody may it be a girl or a boy.

Not only here, but I have seen so many instances at school as well, where boys and girls as well always find some fun in body shaming others. And these people don’t even go and complain either so it really boggles my mind.

I,myself have never been body shamed but I have seen so many situations where someone is getting body shamed. I have always tried to stop the person but nothing really works.

Body shaming women is by far the worst thing a man could ever do. It humiliates the woman and makes her insecure about her own body. People know all this wrong, and the person doesn’t like it either but still nobody stops.

Women are meant to be respected and loved. Not to be insulted and considered weak.

If she doesn’t speak up, know that you’re internally breaking her down and I mean what good does that ever get to?

Even though feminism and equality are something on the rise, which is amazing, but yet I know so many people who consider girls weak and not capable and just think they’re objects who can be called by any name they like.

Women today, have got much more confidence and can speak up. So let us use our voice and stop the injustice women face even in today’s world.


Here is something I want to highlight this week. Women deserve respect and people should know how to give it to them.

Body shaming/ Inequality everything of the sort is wrong and should be stopped.

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8 thoughts on “Stop the Body Shame.

  1. This is a great post! people don’t realise how much their comments can affect people. I’m also a firm believer in the free the nipple campaign. Bras are expensive and very uncomfortable, a woman should not be frowned at just because you can see her nippe through her top because men do deffo not get shamed at!xxx

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