Acceptance : The process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable.

How many times in your life have you felt not accepted?

How many times have you done everything in your limits just to be accepted?

Countless number of times, each one of us tries to do everything possible to feel accepted. The feeling of being accepted matches to no other feeling we have and so we all are in this sort of race to being accepted.

But, none of us are good enough. There is always this one person who will make you feels less important and not accept you like others do. But we can’t deal with such people, they possibly have felt out of place in their own lives.

Instead of doing so much and almost reaching to a point where you aren’t your true self anymore we should just stop to care as much. Stop to care, stop trying so hard. After all people need to accept you for who you are.

I, myself was at a point in life about 2-3 years back, where I wanted to be accepted and not feel left out even one moment. I would pretend to be this another person who has the same likes as my friends just so they think I am good enough and accept me.

But what did that all pay off to? Nothing at all. Instead those same friends spread hate and rumors about me, in aim of destroying everything I had. Feeling left out is one feeling I fear, I always feel the need to fit in.

But one day I couldn’t continue being this fake person anymore, and I stopped. I got back to the funny/annoying and talkative person I already am. And those people obviously didn’t accept me but instead I met new people, just like me who accepted me for who I actually am.

Yes the number of friends dropped, but the quality of them improved a hundred times and my . It showed me that acceptance isn’t that important in life especially in social situations.

Being yourself is and eventually you’ll meet the right bunch of people. Yes being accepted feels amazing, but that acceptance should come from the right kind of person.

This short piece I wrote a few months back sums it up :Stand out.

Here is this week’s #MondayMotivation for you’ll where I talk all about acceptance and fitting in.

Don’t try so hard that in the process you lose your true self.

Thanks for reading


(P.S- I’m currently at 497 follows, and I am extremely excited and waiting in anticipation to reach 500!)


23 thoughts on “Acceptance.

  1. Congratulations Riya!! I’ve tried to fit in a hundred times. I’ve tried to change myself a lot. But now I realize that it won’t even matter and I’ll just end up losing myself. Well, I’m back to my psychopathic behaviors which repulse people. But I’ve stopped caring

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  2. Great post! I have never been one to particularly care if I am accepted or not. There was a brief period when I was younger but I was quick to figure out I didn’t care. Love me or hate me- don’t care… I am just ME! When people figure this out- and just let go- it is amazingly freeing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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