Milestone:500 Follows


Milestone. : 100 Follows.

Soooo….FINALLY I have reached my milestone of hitting 500 followers!

I am really really very happy because just a month back I was at 350, and this happened so quick!

I would like to thank each one of you follows me and takes the time out to like/comment and even become friends with me. If it wasn’t for all these tremendous support, I would have never been so frequent with blogging.

Also huge thanks to Harshita, Bhavti, Sanjita and Pravallika — You’ll have supported my blog from the start and have been on this journey with me supporting me and encouraging me throughout. A BIG THANK YOU to you guys!

This blog has become a huge part of me, and I won’t be stopping anytime soon ❤

Thank you all again!



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