The Candour #8. (The Finale)

Zack had made up his mind, and Emily was soon to know the truth.

It was dusk and the skies turned into hues of orange and pinks. The sun was about to set and there was Zack and Emily sitting on a stairway leading to the library.

“Yeah, so speak. I am already late for something” said Emily.

Zack began to get anxious but he had to say it now. He cleared this throat and said with a sad voice

“Look Emily, I know about the feelings you have for me, and well I want to tell you something. You’re an amazing person and have been an amazing friend to me. But the only reason I acted oblivious this whole time, was because I didn’t want to commit” said Zack.

Emily tensed up and started to look here and there.

“So you knew all this while. Wow. And commitments are difficult, I understand” said Emily.

There was an awkward silence between them.

“I’m moving”

“What?! Where?”

“To another country, I leave in two days.”

“Will you be back anytime soon”

“I don’t know the answer to that. But I know that this is difficult for you”

Emily took it all in, the one guy she loved so much, who she finally became friends with, is now leaving.

She was not going to be able to see him for years now.

A sad Emily then just said this

“A few months back I was unknown and a nobody to you. Our friendship grew and I waited for the right time to tell you what I felt, I’m probably too late now. It was nice knowing you. Goodbye Zack”

With that, Emily stood up and walked upstairs to the library and was ready to lose herself into the world of fiction.

Zack walked out that day, with a heavy heart.

They both wouldn’t ever see each other again.

Or would they?

Now that officially ends the Unknown and Candour series I have done.

I hope you didn’t hate this ending very much.

After facing a huge writer’s block, I finally got an idea and here it is!

Thanks for reading!









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