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Time, is something we never can get enough of. We struggle with time all our lives. We live regretful lives, in hope we did right things back in the time.

But can we really do anything of what happened?

Actually we can, not by going back in time and making things right like we’ve seen in movies but instead making things right in life right now.

Our failures and setbacks must have bothered us and bought us a step down on the ladder of success we all are on. But instead of staying on that same step for years, give yourself some needed courage and find hope!

You’ll eventually climb up one step as you do that. 

To me, I have always looked at all my failures as something good. Because I knew that never again am I going to repeat that mistake and instead take the good from it and make myself a better person.

Failures came to me in all ways possible. Bringing it down to the two main ones:

Academics, once I reached 8th grade , my scores started to get a little low and because I had always been a student scoring 80 up in everything, I was shattered.I couldn’t believe the marks I was getting and was in a bad state of mind for very long. Eventually talking to my parents and family really helped, they told me to take this as a positive and work towards a better score in the future.

Life, I don’t know how many of you all would know this but I had written a part of my life story here on my blog some time back Here is a link : My story-How I’ve come to this point of life.(1) , where I spoke about how friends came and went in my life. I was always one of the popular kids at school and outside until my 5th grade and once I came into middle school, all went downhill. I also was a very calm person, but all this bought about anxiety and various other things during my middle school years.

But hey? I’m not sorry for myself. If you have read the post linked above, you would know I am really happy with all I have right now. Being popular is a pain anyway!

Plus, I have minimal anxiety, which comes and goes as life throws situations at me. Which I’m working towards obviously. And my grades are back to being decent as well!

I feel bad at the smallest of things even today, but all of what happened to me has made me a stronger and much better person in life. Once my perspective to the failure changed, I changed.

The point of this whole post you are reading right now, is that Failures happens, shit happens.

Don’t give up! You just need to keep going, my friend.

You must have faced worse failures than what I have, look at yourself today, aren’t you a stronger person than you were when the failure first hit you?

If you are, then kudos. If you aren’t , then please rethink and I hope this post does that!

For this week’s #MondayMotivation , I talk all about failures and what role it played in my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this




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14 thoughts on “Failure.

  1. Good read on a Monday morning 😀 loved the last line, definitely a stronger person today when compared to the past. I had a similar experience too, grades started to get a bit low, more competition, more peer pressure, it was all too much to handle. But I never gave up. 😊 The struggle/suffering is nothing when compared to the end result, isn’t it.

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