Searching: The Perfect One.

Love, love, love. They all talk about it, some with such pride and some with sheer hatred. But what is this love? Am I missing out on something amazing?

I’m Allisa , your mainstream 20 y/o looking for love. But all these years, I’ve just been looking, looking everywhere. I’m never able to find that right guy though.

In my mid-teens I was suddenly bombarded with cute guys asking me out for dates. I wasn’t your normal “aww of course I’d go” kinda teenager. I never went out with any of them, instead I used unique ways of telling them No.

Some included, actually almost all included, roasting them. I would roast them, for fun which would make them hate me. Nobody liked to get roasted by me at that time.

At that age, doing this and playing with the boy’s emotions was fun for me. I would always seem interested and give the wrong vibe, but never actually say yes. Of course, I would never recommend doing this, going with the normal way of saying “No” could have actually made my life easier back then.

At the same time, I’m no girlfriend material. I hate cheesy things, over the top sweet messages and being nice all the time. I just can’t be all “cute” and stuff the whole relationship, I’d suffocate.

In a relationship, I would probably be annoying/make fun of the person but at the same time be really understanding/caring and give enough space. Sadly, relationships don’t always work on the these qualities. You gotta be as clichè as possible!

Guys came and went, and what did I do? Say no to them all. And here I am today, waiting and looking for that perfect guy.

Do you even exist?

Welcome to part 1 of Searching: The Perfect One, a new short story series begun on my blog. It’ll be a romance-mystery-comedy-relationship ish kinda genre, didn’t I just create a new one? 

The idea just came into my mind, so I don’t really know where this will take me. Hopefully to the right place.

I’ll try to update it as often as I can.

Let me know what you thought of this!



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