The Revisit.

It would visit me every night. And I’ve tried to make it go, but it just doesn’t. After a long day of work, I just need peace. But this, never lets me have any. As moonlight begins to seep into my old bedroom window and the wind begins to howl, I know its time. I […]

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What really is Perfection? What is this thing that we all are seeking for? Isn’t our world imperfect though? Fake people, hate, insecurity,war How on earth do we find something perfect? The truth is, we cannot. We can’t really find anything perfect in this flawed world. But there are times when you meet a person, who isn’t […]

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Life had evanesced Imperfections in everything Wasn’t it time to change? It is time to change, because nothing’s perfect in this world of imperfections. So stop looking and continuing to judge. Instead look on the inside, they’re probably utter perfection in that way. Nothing matches to the beauty of the soul. Haiku syllable pattern: 5-8-5 […]

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Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing good. I have some important things to tell you all today. A few months ago I had joined the core admin team of the Five Sentence Story Prompt which was begun by my friend Diganta. Diganta has decided to call it quits on this initiative and blogging […]

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“Gossips,Gossips and more rumors. What do you get outta this?” What? I’m having a bad day already. Enough of your shit. “My shit? You’re the one creating it. Enough is enough” I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. “Great. So its time for me spill the tea now.” ©AestheticGraphy.

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It never began.

The breeze brushed forth their muffled faces Their eyes dry, almost void Their bare faces held a thousand emotions But they had could not show it, just to be strong for the other Their souls, together was one, feeling the same But the end seemed to come even before life could start The little twins […]

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Originally posted on Doodlingpanda:
The Five Sentence Story Prompt Winner for Week #5 is msarora for entry for the prompt word Admire. CONGRATULATIONS!!! CHALLENGE OPEN : 24TH JULY 2017 TO 28TH JULY 2017 Welcome to Five Sentence Story Prompt Challenge Week 6. Rules of the challenge:  Every week a prompt word shall be announced along with…



Hi there, You must be wondering how such a topic can come as an #MondayMotivation for you, but read on because by the end, you will surely be feeling motivated. Death:the end of the life of a person , it is something that once done stays eternal. But how much has this affected each of our […]

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Recent Favourites: July

My recent favourites-April Recent Favourites- May Recent Favourites : June Heya! These are my recent favourites for this month I hate you I love you by Gnash: I’ve fallen in love with this song once again, I just relate very much to this and always end up crying whenever I listen to it because the […]

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