Hate , is one of the most strong emotion one could feel. It arises anger and rage from within a person and can cause a lot of damage in relationships.

Hate can change and alter your whole state of being. You can go from having an absolutely amazing day to a horrible one.

Of course all situations and people aren’t what we’d like them to be. And sometimes they can really get on our nerves, making us dislike them.

But hate can always go wrong. You can hate that one person for years together and what good does that do?

You just stay with your own hate, creating this negative aura all the time while the person you hate doesn’t even have an idea and is enjoying their life.

But after all we’re all human. Hate and anger comes natural to us all. Its that right balance we need to find.

Like I, never ever get angry. I always maintain a cool and calm personality even if the person has crossed their borders. And eventually let them know about it, by slipping it in during the conversation.

I might be raging with anger inside, but never ever show it on the outside.

And this has helped me dealing with friends at so many times. I always am the one who sorts out fights because I never ever begin one!

I’m glad to have found this balance already and I think each one of us should find it as soon as possible.

Keeping your cool and not holding onto hate is very important to a happy life.

Here is this week’s #MondayMotivation where I talk about hate.

Thank you for reading.




15 thoughts on “Hate.

    1. Thank you. Well, the only thing I can say is ignore them. Because the hate and their words cannot affect you because you know what an amazing person you are. Don’t let them trash talk your mind, just ignore.

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    1. Thank you. Well, the answer to that lies on how much control a person has on the emotion itself. Because hate is such a powerful thing, it can be made in use and redirected to a positive outcome, giving it a good use. But it there is a lack in controlling your emotions everything can go haywire.

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  1. I like what you said about feeling anger but not letting it control you. I find that it is important to embrace your emotions, whatever they may be, and turn them into motivation and energy. Hate is a powerful emotion, there is a lot of energy in it, and if we can learn to understand and control it we can it’s negative influence and redirect it to something positive.

    Or, maybe in just hopeful XD

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    1. Thank You. I agree that hate is a very powerful emotion and yes and can be redirected to positive if the person has great deal of control over it!


  2. I like the message of this post. 🙂 Recently I’ve been realising that my teenagish “I hate people” self have been going on for too long and I’ve actually been trying lately to love and embrace people with all their differences. So far I can say love it’s much more rewarding than hate!

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