Hey guys!

So I’m not if you’ve noticed yet but this week I have posted every single day and my last post will be out tomorrow.

The only reason I did this is because there won’t be any posts out this weekend.

I’m going for a trek with my school to complete my IAYP ( International Award For Young People) course.

They will be taking us for a trek this weekend and next weekend as well.

So due to these reasons, no posts will be out on the weekend but #MondayMotivation will still go on for next week as I’ll try and schedule it in.

Just look out for a lot of pictures which will soon come and I’ll be posting about my trek in a total of 2 posts.

I’m pretty excited for this trek as it is something I’ve never done before. (the campfire is something I really hope we can do if the weather is good)

Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain too much and it’ll be good weather!

Thanks for reading



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