Trekking #1.

Hey guys!

So I’m finally back from my trek to Raigad. Here’s all that I did.

8th July,Sat

We left from school around 7:45am and reached Raigad around 11am. We went to a place called Forganic, which is an organic farm about 22 acres in size. There are lakes and treks to do all around. The weather was very rainy on this day but cleared out by evening.

View when we just entered, and no that isn’t me!

We were briefed about the place by the owners and also got to have this amazing black tea. It was absolutely divine.


Then our IAYP instructors told us all about the activities and treks. We went into our rooms, freshened up and left for the lake trek.


The paths we walked on were something I had never ever done before. Absolutely mucky,slippery and almost an unqualifying “path” . But nevertheless, I made it without falling and slipping.

Here is a video of how almost all the paths were

We then got some real good lunch which I never took a picture of because I was so hungry, but this was what we got for tea time.


Sunday,9th July.

We slept at about 3am(because I mean, a room filled with girls, who can talk forever doesn’t sleep at 10pm)  and woke up by 6am for bird watching.I couldn’t really get a lot of pictures and I missed my DSLR terribly.

But here is one nice picture I got while we were having our session on the bird species.


We then went for another 2 treks,forest trail and another one which I don’t remember the name of, but it included climbing up a steep mountain with just a rope(YES I DID IT, AFTER MAKING SEVERAL SIGHS THO) and seeing the natural waterfall.

I didn’t get any pictures here because it was raining and my phone was already getting very wet.


After all the treks, we came back to our rooms and learnt all about tent pitching.

Here is a bad candid of me.

Unibic cookies and chai (tea) were my breakfast because I didn’t like what was given that day for breakfast!

We then had lunch, played some music, did some crazy fun and then headed back home.
This trek was one of the most memorable trips ever. The people I had with me were amazing though I pity the boys who didn’t get such good accommodation as us. This was something super new for all of us, we came from Mumbai, all living in the comfortable lifestyle. Reaching there we learnt to adjust to the situations, be at one with nature and eat whatever was given!

I had a lot of difficulties there too, like climbing up those bunk beds and then sleeping on such a hard bed was another pain. Walking in mucky soil and getting my socks wet when we went to see Paddy fields. Of course this isn’t something I would do in my comfort zone, but this experience made me get out of it and really do something that I would never do, like holding a really rough rope and running up the mountain with the ground being so slippery that I might fall off anytime, but nevertheless I have some amazing memories and am looking forward to next week!

Trekking #2 will be out next week!

Thanks for reading


PS- Open the videos in full screen to see it clearly.


16 thoughts on “Trekking #1.

  1. That tea looks mouthwatering. I think it’s important to step out of our comfort zones – It’s a way to learn valuable knowledge or have experiences that you likely wouldn’t have dreamed of. Those treks do sound intense, but definitely something that’d be fun to try!
    Are you inspired to step out of your comfort zone more?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sweet! Do you have any exciting ideas in mind?
        I went parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico near Florida last summer, it was one of the most adventurous things I’ve ever done! We hung upside down in the air over the ocean for minutes. It was exhilarating.


  2. This sounds like such a memorable adventure, Ri! I love that you’re going out and exploring the world out there. I can’t even imagine climbing up a rope on a mountain. You’re so brave!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back, sounds like fun but I must admit that you’re a lot tougher than I am. I would have been crying the whole way except at tea time🙂. Those are valuable lessons you experienced though, most aren’t that lucky. So cool you posted about it, thanks for taking us on your journey. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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