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The emanating rays of sunshine adorned the vast once green vicinity

But now all that remained was the prismatic rays of light

The hues of green vanished as ashes of grey took their place

The dying fauna resonated dead colours

As the black clouds passed over the land, dark shadows encompassed every inch of light

The old man stood there, right in the middle

And turned around as he reminisced about his childhood.

He turned back in hopes of reliving the moments once again.


So by the time you are reading this, I’m already climbing up a trek. Yes, doing it once again. I’ll probably be at Kondana Caves,Karjat by then.(with a decent weather I hope)

No post will be out tomorrow but my post for MondayMotivation is already ready. My trekking #2 will be out next week and if you have missed trekking #1 then do check it out.

Thanks for reading






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