Trekking #2

Trekking #1.

So I’ve been to another trek, and this time we went to Karjat.

15th July

We left school around 8am and reached Karjat pretty late, around 12:30. We began our trek immediately and it was to Kondana Caves.

Kondana Caves are located in small village, Kondana, 33 km north of Lonavala and 16 km northwest of Karla Caves. This cave group has 16 Buddhist caves. The caves were excavated in first century B.C. The construction on wooden pattern is notabale.

This is a video of the journey

The whole route was absolutely beautiful as you can see.

Well, something bad happened as we began to actually trek. It was already a really bad weather and as we went up, I twisted my right ankle and got a really bad muscle pull on my right leg.

Because of that, I fell quite a few times and had to sit down at a small tea stall, while the others continued towards the caves.

I missed seeing the waterfall and the caves. But anyway, I couldn’t have made it up with the pain anyway.

My friends did tell me all about it and it sounded amazing!

We then went to stay at a place called Satya Farms, and just relaxed in our rooms until dinner.

16th July

We again got very few hours of sleep the previous night because this time we had our bluetooth speakers with us, so kept us awake even longer!

We had to get up by 7:30 am and went off for a bird watching and a nature trail just around the property.

My leg got better my morning so I was able to go for this one.(and yes I talk a lot😂)

This trail was absolutely stunning though we didn’t really see any birds.

A river flowing alongside our trail.


Thankfully they didn’t make me climb up these !
This is my favourite picture out of them all.
Beautiful plants were everywhere!


We also did some cooking for lunch that day before heading back home.

I again really enjoyed this trip, though I missed some parts of it. Again, stepped out of my comfort zone and had the best memories with some of the best people!

*All the pictures and vidoes above have been clicked by me on my phone, so you might not find the clarity really good but nonetheless I’d suggest opening the videos in full screen!

Thanks for reading!


(also, comment down below your favourite picture that I have taken)


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