Five Sentence Story Prompt #5 CLOSED

The Five Sentence Story Prompt Winner for Week #4 is Luna for entry for the prompt word Hidden. CONGRATULATIONS


Welcome to Five Sentence Story Prompt Challenge Week 5.

Rules of the challenge: 

  1. Every week a prompt word shall be announced along with a Genre specification for the participants
  2. Participants need to incorporate the prompt word itself in their entries or can use the prompt word as the framework for their write-up. 
  3. Entries within “Five Sentences” shall only be entertained and may contain as many words as long as it doesn’t exceed five sentences. 
  4. Add the tag “Five Sentence Story Prompt” in the prompt posts
  5. The entries may be of any format including poems, micro fiction, scribbles, etc.
  6. Leave a link to your prompt post in the comments below 
  7. Create a pingback to this post by linking this post in your prompt entry post
  8. Leave behind a feedback on other’s entries to encourage more active participation

Today’s prompt word is

ADMIRE (v): regard with respect or warm approval.

Genre specification: All Genre

Voting for this week’s winner shall start on Saturday, 22nd July and will end on Sunday, 23rd July. Winner shall be announced in next week’s prompt post which shall be hosted by Mila from DoodlingPanda

Winner of the prompt shall receive the following badge as an award and will get a chance to write a guest post on my blog-page.


co. (1)

All the best to all participants!



Meet the Admin Team of the Five Sentence Story Prompt:

  1. Diganta Misra from Plastic Souls
  2. Sparsha Mishra from ImaginateWeb 
  3. Riya from AestheticGraphy
  4. Mila from DoodlingPanda



35 thoughts on “Five Sentence Story Prompt #5 CLOSED

  1. Hi, Ri. 🙂
    I believe one of your teammates asked via a post of theirs some ideas to boost the participation. Now, remember: the things I’m about to write are meant as a friend and an honest supporter, which is why I’m only saying this to *you*.
    So, I’m really liking your and your team’s initiative of encouraging bloggers to mingle via this ‘five promt’ challenge. Not to critisize or anything, but the prompts y’all offer is extinsively vast. I know you get inspired by the Daily Prompt, but the biggest drawback of such a topic is that it opens extremely wild areas, and epople usually tend to go astray there. That’s what minimalizes their participation, and they end up using the specified word as a minute part of their post, and don’t write around or about it.
    Or sometimes, they refrain from writing at all.
    So, what I’m suggesting here is that you should lend something challenging everytime. Like, give people an extremely quircky heading for their posts (eg: ‘And That’s How He Ate My Head….’) or a very unique starting (eg: “So class,” the teacher exclaimed, getting off of his unicorn, “Today we’ll learn how to ….”).
    All I want to say is that Don’t let this initiative of yours end in a total monotony.
    Hope you understood where I come from. You’re free to accept the adice, or even otherwise.
    Either case, I’ll still remain yours truly. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey,
      Firstly thank you so much for your honest feedback and advice. Secondly, my teammates have read this comment as well and we will be discussing about the response rate very soon. I have put forth your suggestion from my end and we shall see the rest think. Thank you once again.


    1. I will put up the voting post tomorrow morning which will have a poll created by me. You just need to click on the entry to vote and the person with maximum number of votes wins.

      Liked by 1 person

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