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You must be wondering how such a topic can come as an #MondayMotivation for you, but read on because by the end, you will surely be feeling motivated.

Death:the end of the life of a person , it is something that once done stays eternal. But how much has this affected each of our lives?

I haven’t had a lot of experience with this one emotion that comes when a person dies, grief. Because until today, I have only lost one person who was very close to me,my best friend.

She died last year and even right now, thinking about her and our memories make me cry and I always hope she wouldn’t have gone so soon.

We were a group of 4 best friends, with one gone we 3 stood strong for each other at all times. I remember her mother telling us this when we went to visit her ” Don’t cry and be sad about her, instead look back on the happiness and joy she gave you. She doesn’t want to see you cry” .  This really hit us all.

Yes I do end up crying each time I think of her, but I stop immediately because I do not want to remember the tough times she was in and the struggle she went through. Instead I want to remember the school picnics we went to and the madness we did at school in grade 7.

A person gone shouldn’t be making you feel sad and low, instead you should be smiling and working your way through life for them!

This one friend really taught me a lot of things, one of which is being understanding to people.

Now, I try my best to be that way. She motivates me to continue being that way.

The person who you have lost, should be the one motivating you to move on.

Take the good memories and use it as a fuel to help you in life, you’ll never want to back down then.

I’m sure you miss them too, but enough of the grief. Use their memories in a way to push you forward in life because that’s what would want if they were with you today!

Feeling motivated? Or have you begun to miss the person you lost?

Whichever one it is, make sure you a take something out of this you read. You will surely feel much better.

Thanks for reading



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