Hey Guys!

I hope you all are doing good. I have some important things to tell you all today.

A few months ago I had joined the core admin team of the Five Sentence Story Prompt which was begun by my friend Diganta. Diganta has decided to call it quits on this initiative and blogging as a whole. I was informed about this yesterday and couldn’t really believe it at first because I wouldn’t understand why he would do so, but nonetheless I respect his decision and we will be moving forward with the prompt.

Till the time Diganta was in our team, he was our “leader” or better much the person who takes the final decision. Now with him gone, and voting done, I have been chosen to to take that place. That means now it is my responsibility to keep this prompt up and running however long I can.

The team is now looking for another admin and to do that, Sparsha will be holding a post on this Saturday. Here is some basic information for you if you would like to be an Admin.

  1. Each admin shall be allowed to host the prompt for one week of a month allowing every admin equal opportunity to hold the prompt once every month.
  2. The admin hosting the prompt shall decide the genre of the entries
  3. Winner of the prompt shall be based  on voting and will receive a chance to write a guest post on the admin’s page as well as a badge
  4. The prompt hosted shall only allow entries to be within five sentences at max and shall contain as many words or be in any format – flash fiction, poems, scribbles, etc
  5. The prompt is based on the idea of promoting the likes of new writers and presenting their work to a larger audience.

Sparsha’s post will have all the information on what you would need to do to get into the admin team.

We 3 had been chosen by writing a two line only dialogue story and so the new admin shall be chosen on the similar basis, probably with a prompt word or something else. We’ve still to think!

You will be given a deadline to send the entries to get into our admin team and so I hope you will stick to that.

Keep an eye out for that post if you are interested!



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