What really is Perfection?

What is this thing that we all are seeking for?

Isn’t our world imperfect though?

Fake people, hate, insecurity,war

How on earth do we find something perfect?

The truth is, we cannot.

We can’t really find anything perfect in this flawed world.

But there are times when you meet a person, who isn’t perfect by the standards of society

But their souls are

I’ve found perfection in my best friends

They might be having their own insecurities but to me, they are nothing less than perfect

Its the soul and the innermost being of a person we all got to look at

Not just the cold exterior they keep all the time

Its when we look a bit more to the inside, that we realize Perfect exists.

Perfection does exist, not everyone is fake.

Let’s try to find such people, they’re probably already in your friend circle.




14 thoughts on “Perfect?

  1. Well, I think perfection can be a nice goal we can set for ourselves, even though its not possible to achieve it, it make us rise up

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