The Revisit.

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It would visit me every night. And I’ve tried to make it go, but it just doesn’t. After a long day of work, I just need peace. But this, never lets me have any.

As moonlight begins to seep into my old bedroom window and the wind begins to howl, I know its time. I move erratically on my bed to find comfort at one end. But the not a spot on these white sheets can give me any.

I switch off the night lamp, and wait. Wait for it to come. Because it never forgets to. My tired eyes begin to droop and I lay still in the midway of my bed.

*A flash of lightening*

And I awake to the same graveyard yet again. Yet again I see my little house behind me, and in front, coffins. Coffins of people dead over 150 years. And the twilight sky above me leads me to my destination.

Part two

Part three

My first try at a kind-of-flash-fiction for you guys today. Hope you like it. Look out for part two which will be out tomorrow.



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