The white sand beneath my feet brushed through swiftly as I walked The green palm leaves swayed above me The clear blue sky emanated around the sun With intertwined hands And a longing soul He stood in middle of nowhere But didn’t feel alone, lonely For the person who mattered the most stood right there, […]

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Recent Favourites: August

Recent Favourites : June Recent Favourites: July Hey guys! This month’s been hectic, prelims, the results everything was super stressful but anyway let’s move on with this month’s favourites! I have been watching this new standup comedian Sapan Verma from EIC who’s super funny. This is my favourite video of his : EIC: Sapan Verma […]

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What’s up with me.

Hey guys! So you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t really been posting at often and haven’t really been active as I used to be. I guess you’ll do deserve to know why because of the immense support I receive with each and every post . Well the past few weeks have […]

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A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing- Stereotype. Stereotypes have been around since forever, and throughout our lives we may or may not embrace a few of them in our lives. Our cultures play a very important role in these, and stereotypes change everywhere. […]

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Passing by the days of life Unnoticed, yet noticed Love had no boundaries Caught her heart each time Her gleaming eyes shone with happiness Rising in her love Irreplaceable feelings The ones you may never know Until you’ve felt it Dreaded for it to end Eternity, it shall last. Another Acrostic Poem, which spells out […]

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Hey guys! Today, my blog turns a year old! Wow, time flies for sure. I’m super grateful for everything this blog has done for me and I would like to thank each and every one of you who reads my posts. I want to share my insights and thoughts on completing a year in blogging, […]

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The Retention – 2

PART ONE As we walked around the 50 year old mansion, everything seemed so normal. So serene. I knew something was ought to happen, and was telling Jordan that we should leave quickly. Suddenly a part of the wooden roof collapsed and a fog emerged out of it. It was choking, scary,and wasn’t a normal […]

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The Retention – 1

It was 31st October, Halloween 2016. My memory still blurs out talking about this, but I think the world should know what actually happened,and why I was the only one who escaped out. Let’s go back in time shall we? Dusk, my best friend Jordan and I stood outside the infamous mansion of our area, […]

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Don’t you think its time we move on? From looking down upon our flaws Taking a break, taking a pause Why is it so difficult to embrace The imperfections that give you your grace They make you unique They make you different Embrace it and live with it For no two people are ever the […]

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The cliff face was 200 years old. It had seen everything this town went through. The people, the crimes and the gossip, there wasn’t anything it hadn’t seen. “It means a lot to our people” said my tour guide as we climbed our way towards the cliff face. They believed in ancient traditions, or myths […]

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