The Revisit #2.

Part One

Image result for black and white eerie forest

I walk with silent steps, straight. My feet brush through the shrubs and flowers on the ground which give an eerie feeling to my being. I look ahead, and its there.

I see her. 

She stands beside a oak tree, leaning on it. She holds a candle in her hand, which never dies even if the wind does its best. She looks up to me, and I stop.

I freeze. Sweat drips down my forehead as I try to keep my trembling body in place.

” Come” she says. And I begin to take slow and small steps towards the oak tree. She gets impatient.

With a flash of lightening, she now is in front of me. She is close to me. She brings the candle up, to look me in the eye.

I see me.

“You can’t. You won’t. You cannot.” she says.

I look down at the ground and tears fall.

She laughs hysterically and disappears.

I wake up, sweating, terrified. Why does this dream feel so real to me? Why am I so scared of failure. I can do everything, can’t I?

I get out of my bed and walk towards my window. I want to look at my flower garden, the one that mom planted for me.

I go near the window, my face almost sticking to it. I see something odd.

She’s there, yet again. At the Oak tree, waiting for me to come back.


Please let me know what you’ll thought of my shot at this kind-of-horror-mystery-thriller-ish fictional story. I made that up,yes.

I might be writing more of these in the future, because it was fun.

Thanks for reading





29 thoughts on “The Revisit #2.

    1. Abeyyy what killing ha.LOL.
      Haa I’m thinking to add another last part, Actually was to end it with 2 parts but there are few others also who want me to continue so I might.


  1. *shivers*. Realistic dreams are so buggy😱. It’s always scary when something is far away and then lightning flashes and the next minute they’re eye to eye!!! So creepy, good job at freaking the reader out. The ending was unexpected also……remind me to stay away from my window😬.

    Liked by 1 person

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