The Revisit #3.

Part One

Part Two

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I rub my eyes vigorously and look outside the window.

I see flowers and the garden Mum planted. I take a deep breath and walk back towards my bed.

My terrified soul didn’t let my jaded physical self be at rest. I covered my face with the white bed sheet, which was the only trick for me to fall asleep. But today seemed different.

I stopped feeling so terrified, I stopped sweating, I stopped panicking. What was this change so indecipherable to my mind?

I got up once again.

I began to walk downstairs to the kitchen, I took meek mere steps even though the house was empty. As I turn right to have the dining table in vision, I see her.

She is seated on the dining table with her hair perfectly set and her face seen because of the candle. She kept the candle close to her at all times. It never went off.

She looked up to me and began to change her form. She began to ruffle her hair and as she did that, the lights at my house began to flicker. I don’t feel afraid, I feel victorious.

“STOP” I say. And she looks up to me in rage.

” I can. I will and I always will be able to do everything. Failure doesn’t set me aback. Get out of my house” I say.

At once everything vanishes. I vanish.

I switch on a few lights and sit on the same chair she was on. It was my own fear which did all this to me.

I was now over it. And this was all I had to do.

I walk upstairs to my bedroom to have some peace. I lay still on the bed and look at the moonlight entering my window.

There is a knock. A loud continuous knock. At my window.

I walk up and fearlessly open the window, I don’t stop to care and give attention to my fear anymore. I look down and see a candle.

The same candle she held. I held. Was this all actually just my dream and imagination or was this candle, that I could feel and touch in physical, a sign of this all being real.

After being told by about 4-5 people to add another part to this series, here I am with the last and final part.

The main reason of me writing this was to explore a new genre of writing as well as giving a message of not letting your fears rule you. The last three lines of this part is just for the suspense and horror element.

If we let our fears rule us, this kind of experiences might end up being true. But we need to face it and be bold.

Thank you for reading

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