via Daily Prompt: Symphony

I took a sigh of relief as I played the last strum on my guitar. My first live performance. It wasn’t a huge event, but meant everything to me.

I went backstage to catch a glimpse of you. You were so nervous, so much, that you were air drumming even though you were to perform with your keyboard.

You caught me giggle and I looked away.

“Great performance out there” you said.

” Thank You ” I replied.

“Don’t you think our music could create symphony if we played together?”

“No doubt it would. But you should get going, it’s time. All the best” I smiled at him and walked away.

I could sense that he wanted to say something more, continue the conversation but couldn’t. As he walked on that stage and began his performance I could feel the music come alive.

His music was amazing. Sheer talent.

As the event came to an end and I waited for my cab, he ran up to me. Panting.

“Can you..can you give me your number? I would love to know more about you” he said.

That night I went home, knowing something great was in store for me.

Another kind of flash fiction using the daily prompt this time. And just if you’re curious, this was all fiction.

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