Things that have always shocked people about me.


Here are a few things that always shock/confuse people about me. I don’t know why but I always get raised eyebrows or people just don’t believe me!

1.  You blog?! Wow. : Duh.

2. How can you talk this much? Damn. : Well there are people who ask me why I’m quiet. But yeah I do talk a lot once I’m comfortable. I’m also more extroverted online than in real life.

3. You like Rap. Whaaat: Yeah so? Am I supposed to only listen to Pop and not Eminem.

4. You like rock and metal too? Oh my god. Ain’t possible: This one probably shocks people the most. Nobody believes it at all. Because my personality doesn’t really reflect I’m into all this at first, but hey there’s always more to a person! Most of my friends don’t really like this, but I think this kind of music is pretty cool. I’m that kind of person who can go from listening to Ed Sheeran to Metallica without giving a damn.

5. You sing too?! : Yes, one of my many talents lol. I make covers of songs along with my guitar.

Okay so I don’t know why I made this blog post tbh. I was pretty bored and so this idea just came up.

I hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about me though.

Also this is my last blog post until 14th Aug. I’ll be off until then because of my exams.

See you soon!





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