Random Questions Nobody Asks Tag.


*Surprise!! Didn’t expect me to be back until 14th did you? But anywho I scheduled this post last week*

So I came across this tag online and thought it’ll be a fun way for my readers to know more about me. I chose few of the questions as otherwise this post would be too long!

So let’s get started

  • Do you go by a nickname?

Ans: Yes, Ri and Riyu.

  • What’s your favorite childhood TV show?

Ans: Suite Life of Zack and Cody/ Phineas and Ferb/ Drake and Josh and many more.

  •  Do you always smile for pictures?

Ans: Nope lol. I have various facial expressions I can pull off.

  • What was the best concert you ever attended?

Ans: Still waiting for it to come.

  • How many languages can you speak?

Ans: Fluently, just 2. English and Hindi. But then there are languages I can understand and speak a little of which is Marathi and Gujrati.

  • DJ or band at a wedding?

Ans: DJ all the way.

  •  If you could play any instrument, which would you play?

Ans: Drums.

  •  If you could have dinner with any three people, whom would you choose?

Ans: A person I like, my best friends and a person I roasted few months back.

  •  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ans: An Astronaut.

  • Are you a window person or an aisle person?

Ans: A window person.

  • If you could make any fictional character come to life, which would it be?

Ans: Tobias Eaton from Divergent.

  •  Ever won a spelling bee?

Ans: Nope. Yes I’m Indian.

  • Are you patient?

Ans: Nope, not at all. But if its something serious I try my best to be patient.

  •  Afraid of heights?

Ans: 100% am.

  • Do you sing in the car?

Ans: I’m basically singing or humming the whole day.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Thanks for reading




9 thoughts on “Random Questions Nobody Asks Tag.

      1. Hahaaa 😂😂
        Btw i too enjoyed watching Phineas and Ferb. What i didn’t understand was “Who the hell sponsored those kids to buy everything needed to build those things?” 😜😝

        Liked by 1 person

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