The stillness of the glistening water around me felt like I’m in a divine abode The salty air brushed past me as I looked upon the moving water No pieces of land around, no signs of urbanization Just water, flowing until the horizon The journey has been on since a long time And I hope […]

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Divided by race, colour , sex , age in the quest of true beauty Mankind has been searching at each stage Is it the appearance Is it the personality Or the modality of their words True beauty is on your character within  And nothing physical could to compare to that Beauty arises from within and […]

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Love, don’t we all feel it? Love sends chills down your spine and makes you astray of your senses. But love is the same poison which can slowly destroy you.  Love is indulgent. Love is hopeful and Love is pure. Love is toxic, love is hopeless and love is lost. Love can’t be seen nor […]

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Intoxicated love, they felt Their souls longed to be together once more How beautiful is the reunion when love meets again Love, the magic you feel each time. Love,the poison it always has been. Love, captivates every one. -Ri

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First Love.

First love happened so fast, so quick. Its hard to even contemplate the feelings, the chills. I couldn’t see you, hear you But still felt like you’re just around You get me, from my sense of humor to things that cause dismay But why was it that you had to be on the other side […]

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The act of passion The mask of love you carry When does the play end? *Written in response to RonovanWrites’ Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge with the prompt words: Passion and Play Haiku Syllable Structure : 5-7-5 Picture Credits: Google Images

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Letting Go.

Letting go. Moving on , one of the most difficult things to do for me. You see, I trust very easily. I’d believe everything a person tells me and never doubt it even once. But when that person chooses to leave, I am left with nothing but broken trust. And broken trust, never goes easily. […]

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Haiku #21

What is this true love Whose hymns travel across earth But yet remains lost *Syllable Pattern: 5-7-5 Thanks for reading -Ri

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Another day, another night Not knowing when it will all be right Getting to the same old trauma, the same old pain Until she could bear no more Instead of understanding they told her it was fake Slowly killed the humanity left within Happiness, doesn’t come easily to everyone. Acrostic#3. Spells out Anguish. This could […]

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