Nice blog, but who is she?

Hey there!


Well this me. I’m Riya, a teenager from Mumbai writing this blog for the world to read. I’ve never been the person who speaks whatever comes to mind, and so I never am able to have my opinions clear to most people. Writing is the form through which I have been able to break those boundaries and let people know what’s actually inside my head, but this time everyone around the world gets to know!


I’m your usual Ambivert , who to some talks a lot while to others talks too less. I enjoy Photography a lot, and most of the pictures you see on the homepage/posts might be taken by me! I also am a huge foodie. Who isn’t?

I also am a Guitarist and absolutely love Music. My favourite genre’s are Rock, a little bit of Metal and Rap. But I also do listen to almost all other types of Music as well.

Also, if you can’t already tell, I like selfies

I began blogging just for fun on 25th Aug,2016. Well, look where it took me now!

Stick around folks!