Letting Go.

Letting go. Moving on , one of the most difficult things to do for me. You see, I trust very easily. I’d believe everything a person tells me and never doubt it even once. But when that person chooses to leave, I am left with nothing but broken trust. And broken trust, never goes easily. […]

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Another related post : Much Fake? Fake people are in plentiful everywhere. You can spot them very easily in your day-to-day life if you’re good at observing things. I am a good observer from childhood and I notice small little things very quickly. I have come to see the variety and diversity of fake people everywhere […]

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A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing- Stereotype. Stereotypes have been around since forever, and throughout our lives we may or may not embrace a few of them in our lives. Our cultures play a very important role in these, and stereotypes change everywhere. […]

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Don’t you think its time we move on? From looking down upon our flaws Taking a break, taking a pause Why is it so difficult to embrace The imperfections that give you your grace They make you unique They make you different Embrace it and live with it For no two people are ever the […]

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Regret, is a form of sorrow. A very deep and emotional one. But how often do we actually feel this? And can a little bit of this emotion actually be good for us? Well, yes. At times, you may regret not studying enough for that test and in turn study more for the next one. […]

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Hate , is one of the most strong emotion one could feel. It arises anger and rage from within a person and can cause a lot of damage in relationships. Hate can change and alter your whole state of being. You can go from having an absolutely amazing day to a horrible one. Of course […]

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Time, is something we never can get enough of. We struggle with time all our lives. We live regretful lives, in hope we did right things back in the time. But can we really do anything of what happened? Actually we can, not by going back in time and making things right like we’ve seen […]

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Acceptance : The process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable. How many times in your life have you felt not accepted? How many times have you done everything in your limits just to be accepted? Countless number of times, each one of us tries to do everything possible to feel accepted. […]

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Stop the Body Shame.

Women, one of the best gifts God gave us. In form of our Mothers,Sisters,Friends, Soul mates and many more. But from the dawn of time, women have always been treated or considered lesser than the Man. Maybe not as much as today, because of how educated people have become they have realized that women can […]

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Different is okay.

We all are different from one another, nobody is same. But there are few of us who are a little more different,or maybe weird. Weird is not always bad, I’ve spoken many times about this on my blog previously : Divergent. Divergent 2.0 The word weird is quite a broad term, used in some places […]

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